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    Hello and welcome to my White Whore Wife.  My name is Sinclair and my White Whore Wife is Kandi (pictured on the left).  This website is for all of you who love sluts and whores and even for women that would like to become a slut or whore.
    We don't think being a slut or whore is a bad thing at all and if you don't either, you have found a home here.  We appreciate men who like sluts and whores as well as women that are (or would like to be) sluts and whores! 







When I first created "White Whore Wife" it was going to be a fan site for Kandi.  Then I discovered that that there are many White Whore Wive's out there that love giving up their pussies, asses and mouths to perverts and strangers for their husband's viewing pleasure!  Furthermore their are many men out their who love having a White (or Black) Whore for a Wife.







    Thus, White Whore Wife is re-born with a lot more material than even I expected!  As with my other websites, it's designed by a website dummy (me) so it should be pretty easy and straight forward to navigate!  I hope you enjoy!