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How I turned my wife into a White Whore Wife!

Under these photos is a detailed description of how I turned
my sweet wife into the White Whore Wife she is now!

Many of these photos are 110's and Polaroid's so please forgive the quality!


    One of the first two photos I ever took of Kandi after we had been dating for about 2 to 3 weeks!  Her hair was not as big as the second photo looks, there was a shadow behind her!


Here is the first sexy photo Kandi let me take of her after about 2 months of dating in 94.  Though she won't admit it now, she actually got mad at me for taking the photo of her on the toilet!  By now we were already swinging with single guys and single girls.

    Within 4 to 5 months Kandi was letting me take photos like this and more graphic sex photos also.  We were video taping our sex but we had never used a camera man at this point.  We had still not swung with a couple yet!


    By now it is December of 94 and the photo above and to the left is Kandi fucking a black friend.   We have also moved to a very expensive apartment in Charlotte, NC.  Around February Kandi changed her hair color but she hated it at first because it was a little bit brassy looking.  At this point we have swung with two other couples.  The first one was a disaster but the other one was good.


    By now Kandi and I had been to our first Swing convention, our first swing club, and we were meeting with all types of people.  In April of 95 we moved to a better area of Charlotte, Kandi's hair had grown out and she liked the new color better!


    For the next 11 months Kandi and I lived at a house in Charlotte NC where we hosted swing parties, sometimes 3 in one week.  Though Kandi was my steady and love of my life I was regularly fucking 3 other girls and Kandi was fucking 2 other guys.   We also got very heavy into S/M, Bondage, Humiliation and many other Kinky and rough forms of sex with each other as well as with others.  We also experimented with whoring Kandi out to others through an escort agency.  It was a very wild time for us!


    By now it is early in 96 and Kandi and I moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  We were not here long when we decided to start selling our amateur adult videos in September of 96.  At this point our relationship had really grown a lot and Kandi was rapidly becoming a true total slut and whore.  In the Spring of 97 Kandi and I were married.

    By late 98 Kandi became self employed and started working with our video company on a full time basis.  After a short time (around the middle of 99) she began to become a little burned out on doing videos and we introduced a lot of new models on our website and in our videos.


    By the early part of 2000 Kandi was really back into the swing of things and shot her first gangbang with no less that 10 guys, 14 cumshots (10 of them facials) and multiple anal sex scenes in the video.  Kandi also began producing at least one video per month of her own and almost all of these video had her with multiple men.  Kandi had also done a great deal of interracial videos and we hosted a lot of swing parties and gangbangs throughout the year!


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    By the middle of 2001, Kandi had decided to get real serious about her videos as well as becoming more of a slut and whore.  She began work on her new website, began to take even greater risks such as shooting videos in adult bookstores and began dating other men.  She also worked hard to get a laptop computer and digital camera so that she could offer her fans even more!

      Now in 2002 Kandi has a full understanding of what it is to be a slut and a whore and she loves it!  This photo is very current and it is Kandi with a guy she whores herself out to on a regular basis because he had a digital camera that he let her use.  When he would let her use the camera, she would let him use her cunt.  She has told me that her only regret about becoming a whore is that she wish she knew at 21 what she knows now!  Good luck turning your wife or girlfriend into becoming a slut and whore.  There is nothing better in the world than a good whore!




This is taken from an article I wrote about turning my wife into a whore.
The information still applies but it may seem disjointed as you first began to read it.


   Last month I told you about using Kandi as a Party Wife.  Well we used Kandi as a Party Wife so often that we actually ended up with 3 video titles as a result of all the sex and sharing my wife with my buddies.  You can look for a new video series coming soon that is subtitled, of course, "Party Wife!"  As a matter of fact we used Kandi as a party wife 3 weekends out of the last month!  We even recruited a couple of new girls to become party wives and they loved it!  But it's the beginning of the month and it's time we touch on a new nasty subject.  I constantly have guys asking me how they can get their wife to do some of the things that Kandi does.  Well I can't believe I am going to do this but I am going to let the cat out of the bag.  Kandi has even read this story and she can attest to the validity of everything here.  This story is long but will give you great advice for turning your wife or girlfriend into a slut or whore.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me for any personal advice.  Also be sure to look at the photos of Kandi as she made the transition from 9 to 5 office slave, to a full fledge slut / whore!  Well here it is... the exact way I turned my wife into a slut and hopefully it will work for you too!


Turning your wife or girlfriend
into a White Whore Wife !

    So often I get asked how do you get your wife to do some of the things that she does? The answer is quite simple, she is a slut and whore, and she does it by choice. However it has not always been like this. Now I know some of this story is gonna piss off a few people (probably the ladies for the most part) but what I’m saying does have a basis of truth or I would not be seeing it happen or have people ask me about it every day.

    Therefore here is my disclaimer from my soapbox before I get started on the story and I’m only going to say it once. I have the utmost respect for all women and I treat everyone the way I want to be treated. I give topless dancers and porno actresses the same respect I would give a nun or my own mother. I believe in equal pay for equal work for women. I hold the door open for all ladies regardless of their age, race, religion or looks and I hold the door open for guys if I get to the door first. I have told many women who have came to us looking to be in adult videos for the wrong reason, not to get into this business! I am honest and upfront with the women I work with as well as women I meet on the street. One thing is for sure, you won't find me at work (or anywhere else for that matter) seducing a 21 year old intern in my office, on company time, behind my wife’s back. I may be in the porno business, but I feel I have better morals and ethics than the prior administration of this country. I have never coerced, bribed, gotten drunk, or any other way persuaded a woman to do anything for me sexual or otherwise. I do respect all women no matter what their sexual prowess or shyness may be and I respect their sexual limitations. I also like women. I have 5 sisters and I know a lot about women that most men don’t. Many men love women but few men actually take to the time to like them. I do not believe in serious sexual harassment but if you can’t take a sexual joke or a flirt, you’re an idiot not to know the difference. Women should be taken serious when they claim sexual harassment but they should also be smart enough to bring real proof to the table. I think wife beaters are the lowest form of humanity and should be castrated. I also don’t care for women who beat their husbands. Though NOW (National Organization for Women) may have done some good things, I think for the most part they have hurt women. I think this victim syndrome created by NOW and the psychobabbles is a bunch of crap for men or women. Get a life, we all have it just about as bad or as good as we decide to make it on ourselves. I think so called society and the slanted media is totally screwed up when commercials and TV shows show anorexic, unrealistically skinny women and tooth pics for sex symbols and then wonders why young woman are bulimic and anorexic. I also think parents and both young men and young women are to blame for young girls getting pregnant.  On that note I think everyone is entitled to one mistake but abortion for birth control is just sick. You should not be listening to society to make your own personal decisions (however you define society) and your TV should not be on for more than an hour or two a day (and that is really two hours too much). The government regulates the hell out my industry, and people now a days are about to let the government regulate how you raise your children when it comes to morality? Finally, if you don’t like porno or the women who do porno, what the hell are you doing looking at this in the first place? People who do like porn know it is a fantasy and enjoy it. If you are a male or female and you cannot distinguish between porn and fantasy or TV and reality for that matter, please see a professional psychiatrist. Fantasy or reality, I think the women that most people consider to be sluts are some of the best women in the world. Especially the intelligent women who know what they want out of life as well as sex. These are the types of women who really get slammed by society as a whole. Sluts and Whores are great women and most women know when and when not to be a slut. That is the kind of slut and whore Kandi is and I would not trade her for anything in this world. For the women that are sluts or whores, don’t be ashamed at all. Personally I would treat you like a lady until you let me know otherwise, then (and only then) would I fuck you like an animal! Remember you are only responsible for yourself and no one else is responsible for your actions. If a lady wants to be a slut or whore she can, and if a slut or whore wants to be treated like a lady she should be. Take responsibility for what you are, what you want to be and what you become.  In the end, only you are responsible for yourself. 


Now to continue with my story

    Now that you know how I really feel about women and society as a whole, back to the fact that people are always asking me how do I get my wife to do some of the things that she does? The answer is still quite simple, because she is a slut and whore. Inevitably the next question from guys, is either: 1. How can you say that about your wife, calling her a slut and whore like that? or 2. How can I turn my wife into a slut and whore also? 

    The answer to the first part of the question is easy and I will answer it in a Jeff Foxworthy manner,.... if you have more than 4000 photos of your wife fucking other guys, your wife may be a slut and whore!  If you have ever walked in on your wife fucking another a guy and instead of getting mad, you join in..., your wife may be a slut and whore.  If your wife has ever been in bed but you couldn't see her for all the other guys around her,... your wife may be a slut and whore.  If your wife has ever given one of your friends a blowjob to completion because he is nice, makes her laugh and she felt like he deserved one,. . . your wife may be a slut and whore. Finally if your wife does porno movies and constantly expresses how much she loves her work,... your wife may be a slut and whore. Since I can answer yes to all of these I feel qualified to call my wife a slut and whore.

    To answer the second part of that prior question is much more difficult.  Many of these guys also tell me that they wish their wife would be a slut and whore sometimes. This article is for those sick men like me who love our spouses very much, but we also like to watch our wives act like sluts or whores, stared at by other men, take cock from anyone she wants, get fucked in the ass, have guys cum in her face, mouth, pussy and ass, sometimes be abused, used as a sex toy, gangbanged, degraded, humiliated, tied up, beaten, loaned out, sold, borrowed by others, and any other combination of other sexual things you can think of. However, remember that all of these things should be consensual not forced and the woman ultimately gets to choose when she does and does not want to be a slut and a whore.  I also want to say that in all honestly you cannot turn anyone into a slut or whore who does not, in one way or another, want to be a slut or whore.  Remember that as you consider turning your own wife or girlfriend into a slut or whore while you read this.

    Well here are some tips on how you can get your slut and whore wife wannabe to do some if not all of these things. The first and most important thing is your relationship with your partner. You have to be able to communicate very effectively with your particular whore in training because you love her and if nothing else, you do have to live with her when she is not being a slut and whore. She also needs to be a sexual creature who deep inside wants to do these things. Most women deep inside do want to be the object of sexual desire by men and most men secretly want their own slut and whore however society has put so many labels on women that many of them have a hard time opening up sexually. So if you have a good relationship with your slut and whore, and you know she really wants to be a slut and whore and both of you are in agreement about her becoming a slut and whore the battle is way won. Do keep in mind that this may take some time and you might not want to start off by calling her a slut or whore to her face. That will come later, but for now lets get started turning your sweet wife (in the eyes of others) into the slut/whore we know she is.

    I find the most important thing to getting all of this actually started is to let her know how sexy you really think she is. You can start off by telling her how sexy she is and how much you desire her and back it up with flowers, dinners, romantic evenings and of course fuck her all the time. Sometimes you may even want to fuck her kind of hard, talk dirty to her, get her to talk dirty to you (you can and will use this information when she is talking dirty at a later date), and experiment sexual with her. Now one of biggest problems you will face in the beginning is that your slut and whore may feel that she is only sexy to you. This is actually an easy barrier to break. Start by buying her sexy street clothes. No, not street walker clothes but stuff she can wear out in public. You will find this will also excite you as well. Actually go (and I shiver to say this) with her to pick out some sexy clothes. You need to really get into picking out the clothes with her and not just walk around complaining like we guys usually do when we have to go clothes shopping.  Remember this is for you after all!  This new outfit will be your so called "favorite outfit" to see her in. Every time you are going somewhere and she ask what should she wear you reply, my favorite outfit!  After a while this outfit will get old to her, so what do you do? You buy her something even sexier to wear, and now this is your favorite outfit. You keep doing this until her closet is full of really hot clothes and secretly you get rid of some of those outfits that she says she likes but you hate. You know the ones, the dress or shirt she say's is so comfortable but you can't stand it!  (Don’t throw these outfits away like women do to men but discreetly hide them in closets you never use etc.) Eventually she will have all of these sexy clothes and she will have some outfits that are so hot she will only be willing to wear them to certain places. Also have her wear some of these clothes when you are just sitting around the house. Just every now and then ask her to get dolled up for you and be sure to fuck the hell out of her every time she wears these outfits.  Don't forget that if you ask her to get dolled up, you should get cleaned up too and put on some clothes that she likes for you to wear.  Eventually, like Pavlov’s dog, (Note: DO NOT refer to your potential slut/whore wife as a dog, this is simply the most widely known method of behavior training. It is in no way meant to insinuate that women are as simple as dogs!) however, your wife will become accustomed to the fact that every time she puts on one of those outfits, you get turned on and she gets fucked by you. You may even be pleasantly surprised sometimes by coming home from work to find her already wearing these sexy outfits. It has happened to me on countless occasions.

    Now here is the secret to proving to her that she is sexy and desirable in the eyes of other men. Get her to wear one of her more slutty outfits and take her to a guy place. Not a family restaurant or anything like that but some place like a pool hall or a blue collar titty bar or any place where the guys far out number the girls. She may feel uncomfortable at first but after she sees that there really isn't much to these places she will get used to it. You know your new slut and whore better than I do but I would also suggest not abandoning her either. Don’t just sit there and watch the game, or go play pool and leave her standing alone. Include her in all the guy stuff you do while you are at these places. She may even start to ask you questions like, "Why do you guys do (what ever it is) ?" Simply reply, "It’s a guy thing." It’s kinda like when we try to talk to women and they get emotional and we have no clue why, except in reverse. Women, being the emotional and thinking types, may actually understand what you mean, even though we guys really don’t have a clue why we do some of the things we do. Introduce her to some of your friends and drinking buddies, in particular the guys that you can trust while you go to the bathroom and you don’t have to worry about them pissing off your wife while you are gone. When she needs to go to the rest room don’t just send her off by herself especially in some of the more seedy places. After all your wife looks like a slut and you don’t want other guys to fuck up what you have been working on by making some stupid comment as she walks by. Most guys don’t have the balls to say anything about a woman very loudly if the husband / boyfriend is walking right there with her.

    There is also a flip side to taking your wife to places like this. You need to do things with her that she wants to do. This slut/whore transformation cannot be all about you and there is a "give a take" here. For example she may want you to accompany her to a flea market, go to garage sales on the same day of the big game or go see a chick flick movie or worse, take her to some fern bar for a Sunday brunch but that is the trade off you make for having a slut/whore. You are going to have to do things with her that make her feel like a lady too.  You may even want to occasionally buy her a very pretty dress that makes her look innocent and sweet for these events.  I did for Kandi and one day she raised her pretty innocent dress to show me she was wearing thigh high stockings and no panties underneath it, and she did this in public!   That was very cool!  Very few (if any) women want to be a slut or whore 24 hours 7 days a week and you must respect that.

    Well back to turning your wife into a slut and whore. Your slut/whore wife to be is going to start feeling more comfortable dressed like a whore out in public and she will love the looks and attention she gets from other men while she is there. When she ask you, "Why are all these guys looking at me?" Simply reply, "Because you look hot as hell, they probably want to have sex with you, and I am sure all of them wish they had a wife as cool as you!" The last part of that statement will thrill your wife. I’m gonna say it even though my better judgment say’s I should not. Women often times love the thought that they are "one upping" another woman. Ladies don’t be mad cause I said this, because you know it is true. Guys never go out with other guys and say to themselves, "Gee I look a lot better than Frank and Bob do tonight.", but women do. When your wife feels hot like that, it will do more for her sexual esteem than any compliment you can ever give her.

    At this point you are about ready to start moving your slut and whore into other aspects of sexual whoredom. By now she is wearing really hot clothes for you and going to places where the testosterone is thick enough to cut with a knife. During your own sex with her, you should already be talking dirty to each other and you may have even mentioned the "fantasy" of her fucking other guys around you, or you fucking other girls with her. You may even want to role-play that she is a different girl or that you are a different guy while you are having sex.  Once you have gotten this far you are ready for the most difficult step of all and it may take some time. You actually need to talk to her about fucking other guys. Go ahead and do this privately but in one of these testosterone filled bars or clubs. In that setting she may be receptive to the idea but if she isn’t or if she is, don’t push it that night. That could make her feel like you are trying to do that very night and that would make anyone feel uncomfortable. Just tell her that you have been thinking about it and you wanted to talk to her about it. Let her look around the club and ask her, "if she were to fuck another guy, what kind of guy would it be?"  This will give you an indication of the type of guy she will want. You need to do this over and over on different nights, until you chip away at her resistance. (Manipulative isn't it?) Eventually she will want to try it out, if nothing else out of curiosity and because you have asked her to do it but never forced it.

    There is no way to tell if it is going to be perfect the first time she tries it and you might want to let her know that. There are also two different things you should think about for the first time your slut and whore has sex with others.   First is where!  Some people prefer it in a hotel room so they maintain a certain anonymity and some people prefer to play at home because they feel more comfortable at home. Secondly there are also two different schools of thought when it comes to the first time having sex with others.  1. How well do you want to know the person she is going to fuck.  Some like to sit around and really get to know each other and party together.  2. Some just prefer to pick someone up at a bar. I even know of a couple that go out together and party and play at a bar. However, she goes back to the hotel with her husband and one guy but the husband leaves her by herself with the other guy.   Then the husband goes back to the bar (that is close to the hotel) and rounds up another 2 to 5 guys for her to fuck. In their case she feels uncomfortable getting started in front of her husband but once she is fucking she doesn’t care who is there to watch or join in. You will, in detail, have to discuss how you and your slut/whore wife want to proceed in this respect.  I do want to mention here that using a "best friend" for this is probably a bad idea.  You are moving into a totally different lifestyle than most of your friends and unless your buddy has expressed an interest in fucking your wife with you, more than likely it would freak him out if you brought up the subject.  As we have always said, "Keep your sexual friends as your sexual friends and keep your normal friends as normal friends.  Seldom does crossing this line ever work out positively. 

    Once it has happened and your little slut and whore has fucked another guy, you want to be sure to fuck her too. When all is said and done you will need to talk to her about it and find out how she feels. If she is emotional and upset you will have some work to get her back to the point of wanting to try it again. If she say’s she really has no feelings one way or the other, or better yet, she says she liked it, you have a full fledge slut and whore on your hands! Now you can began to experiment with other things like multiple men, interracial, gangbangs, other women, adult bookstores, adult theaters, swing clubs and swing conventions just to name a few. These things will of course still take some time and you will certainly learn as you go, but in no time at all you will have a slut and whore that will let you know when she feels like going out and whoring around.

    You do need to keep in mind that all of these things do take time. Kandi and I have been together for just over 9 years and we started swinging one month after we met. But in the same respect some other things in our sexual relationship have taken a long time. We went for over a year before she would let me trade our videos with other swingers and now she creates about 3 videos a month that we sell to anyone that wants them. For the first 3 years we were swinging Kandi would not let me put a photo of her in a swing magazine that showed her face, and now her goal is to be on the cover of any national smut magazine as well as have a pictorial layout. Some women will progress very quickly while others may take years just to get to the point of fucking other guys. Always remember that she is your wife first and you need to progress at her pace. It will certainly be worth it in the long run and you would rather have a slut and whore that takes years to develop than blowing it the first week you try and then she will not try it again. Some of your situations will end up in disaster and some will be the most incredible sexual experience you have ever had. However, if you play your cards right, you too will have the hottest slut and whore in the world… your own whore wife!

    I can't say that this advice will work for everyone but I hope a few things have rang clear through this whole letter of advice.   Number one, include your wife in your life.  You can't go to the bar by yourself and bitch to other guys that your wife is not interested in sex while she is at home taking care of the kids by herself.  Number two, include yourself in your wife's life.  If you take a real interest in things that interest her, she will more than likely take an interest in things you like as well.  It's that give and take thing!   Who knows by learning some crocheting with your wife you may get a better idea of how to tie a fishing lure on!   Number three, communicate with each other effectively.  This does not mean screaming at each other in an argument.  You need to listen to her and she needs to listen to you and both of you will have to make concessions with each other.   Remember, in relationships, (personal or business) the man that stands his ground unshakable, quite often stands alone.  Finally be open and honest.  Do this with tact though.  Don't simply say, "Baby I gotta be honest and open, I want us to start fucking other people." and expect her to go along with it because you are honest and open.  Share your sexual fantasies in a way that benefits both of you and your relationship, not just you.  Until you really get to know your partner sexually, you really don't know.... you may be living with the hottest slut and whore in town!